I’m just a girl named Flip… well, my real name is Alexandria… or Alex… Whatever. People  have never been able to pronounce my last name upon meeting me, so, somewhere down the line, Flip just became a lot simpler. (Yes, I am the 4th grader in the photo dressed as Kelly Osbourne. I know it doesn’t hold a candle to Rebecca’s pizza costume. Dammit Rebecca, you beat me.) I think my Mother has always been worried about me.

I’m a knitwear designer who dabbles in everything. I’ve never been able to cure my case of a scattered brain. I think I model just to prove to that little weirdo 4th grader that you can accomplish even the rarest of feats. (& to the 5th grader who went around screaming and promoting how “good Hoobastank is!!”)

I enjoy learning about others and what people have a passion for. I really want to cultivate a space that allows everyone freedom; Artistically, playfully, or for anyone experiencing those existential crisis (*now throw your hands up.*)