As a kid I was a loner.. nothing new here.. I still am. I was fascinated by scene kids on Myspace when I was in Middle School. One time I tried to do “scene makeup” (all black eyelids and under-eyes in my case) and I walked around like a panda bear, thinking I had NAILED the perfect makeup. The scene kids just had a level of expertise that I did not possess. Even though I’ve never really fit into a certain category, I’ve always known that I loved to learn, to explore, to cultivate, to meet people and share. I’m always going to be me and I hope you’re always going to be you. My style is a bit off-beat with a mix of comfort. I love all things that make me laugh. My sense of humor is a bit dark and, most of the time, people don’t realize I’m joking nearly 100% of the time. I should work on that…

Anyways, I hope you join me on my journey of my off-beat “fashion” looks, as well as, some random commentary from the day, things I like and don’t appreciate, and probably food… lots and lots of food probably…

Also,  I hope you feel free to share stories, information, and ideas with me! I want this blog to not only be my own, but yours as well; a communal space to share ideas, poems, interests, companies, and art. I am always looking to hear what people really want to talk about and read about. Contact me any time!


With LOVE! AwkwardMiddleSchoolPhotoFlip ❤

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